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Clasificadora de Lanas Macedo

Founded in 1967, CLAMASAC is a family company dedicated to the trading and processing of alpaca fiber, in order to position it in the best marketsthroughout the world.

Currently, we supply high quality alpaca Tops to different companies in the textile sector, achieved by perfecting both traditional and industrial processes over time.

We assume that the economic development of the company goes hand in hand with social commitment and environmental protection. The good relations we keep with our suppliers in the alpaca breeders communities as well as the care of resources and optimization of our processes, seek a harmonious coexistence of our company with the environment and with the social context in which we run our operations.


Alpaca: Noble Fiber

The alpaca is one of only two domesticated high Andean camelids in the world and Peru stands out as the first producer of its fiber, having 87% of the world’s alpaca population with more than 3.6 million specimens.


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Main office:

Calle Colon N°187, Paucarpata – Arequipa


+51 (054) 42 52 04